About Us

About Sysco

A small, hard-working trading firm based in Karachi. Established in 1998, we hit the ground running with our direct approach to finding success. Large scale solutions,
capability development and thru life support, we offer our clients the full package.


Systems Company began operations on January 1st 1998 with the restructuring of Ferrostaal AG’s operations in Pakistan. Our CEO and Founder established SYSCO to continue to support his local clients and his foreign associates.

Current Activities

SYSCO is currently involved in several projects including the up-gradation and modernization of several Naval platforms, the main propulsion engines of several under construction sea going vessels, as well as providing continuing after sales service and support to all our clients.


We are in the process of developing and extensive maintenance and logistic facility to support all our clients in Pakistan as well as helping to increase local capabilities.

The Future

SYSCO is working closely with several organization in the energy sector to help develop a solution for Pakistan’s current energy crises. We are developing potential solutions such as utilization of solar energy and alternate fuel sources

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